Fans still have plenty of accommodation options for their stay during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Omar al-Jaber, executive director of Housing Department at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) told Gulf Times Wednesday in an exclusive interview.
There has been a huge demand for tickets to watch the World Cup in Qatar and this has reflected in demand for accommodation, he pointed out. The accommodation portal launched in March provides many types of accommodation to meet the requirements of fans.
“From the portal you can find hotels ranging from five-star and less. We have two floating hotels or cruise ships at Doha Port which are now putting the final touches to get the building and all the terminals ready. This will be the legacy after the tournament for the tourist cruise ships.
"There are apartments and villas managed by Accord, ranging from three to five-star depending on the location and the facilities. Then we have portacabins, caravans, traditional Qatari tents, and modern tents. Further, there are holiday homes which are apartment buildings, or villas operated by the owners themselves."
As for fans planning to stay with family and friends in Qatar during the event, the SC official said the procedure for this option is easy. "The host has to register his property to Hayya’s Portal, then register his relative or friend. Once he registers the details of the fan and his e-mail address, the latter will be notified by e-mail, so he needs to be a match ticket holder, then request his Hayya Card.”
For hotel prices during the World Cup, al-Jaber said: “Most of the rooms available on our portal have regular prices and many people did their booking already. At the same time we must bear in mind that this is based on supply and demand during the World Cup. This is why we are advising fans 'once you get your match ticket, you need to secure your accommodation quickly, then get your Hayya Card issued.' ”
Regarding budget accommodation, al-Jaber observed that “some categories among apartments and villas are on offer with a very low cost, $80 per room for two people in Barahat Al-Janoob. Managed by Accord, this is convenient for young fans who will book their stay in this category."
As to whether streamlining hotel booking through one portal will meet demand, the SC official said: “As much as 80% of hotel inventory was on the portal, and at the same time we are welcoming hotels who would like to add the remaining 20% from their side to the portal, we are more than happy to have it. Hotels have the right to put their offers on our portal or any other portal, according to their choice.”
Since it is expected that 1.5mn fans will arrive in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, al-Jaber said: “We have enough accommodation to welcome all the fans. If you search for an accommodation on our portal today, you will find many options available and we are less than 50 days before the tournament. We still have many options available for fans, may be they are looking for different options which we don’t have, but from our side options are available, we still have portacabins, caravans, tents, apartments and villas, a limited number of rooms on the cruise ships, of course this depends on the fans' chosen dates.”
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