A high-level delegation of members of the European Parliament (EP) praised the great successes achieved by Qatar in supporting human rights, modernising labor market laws and legislations and protecting workers' rights.

At a press conference held today, the European delegation stressed the importance of the reforms carried out, especially in the field of protecting workers' rights, confirming that they were impressed by the improvements made by the State in the areas of labour and human rights, significant changes in laws serving citizens and residents of the country.

In response to a question by Qatar news agency (QNA), Cristiano Anastasi, a member of the delegation and an Italian Senator, said: "For 3 days in Qatar, I was interested in all the progress the country is making, it is clear that Qatar has come over great obstacles to reach where it is now".

He added that "this great development achieved by the State of Qatar requires a lot of responsibilities. Qatar has achieved a comprehensive development, not only in the field of human rights, labor and other laws, but also in many other areas in the country. Qatar is on the right track." His Excellency praised the amendments and big changes in Qatar, saying: "in general, Qatar has made huge changes in the wage system, labor and human rights. There are some issues that are still being discussed, but Qatar's vision in all areas of technology, labor and human rights were excellent".

HE Prof. Dr. Tamara Kerkovic, member of the delegation and member of the Serbian parliament, expressed her surprise and happiness at what she saw and was informed of the improvements made by the State of Qatar in a number of matters, especially in the field of women's and human rights". She confirmed that they have visited many places in Qatar, met with many officials and residents, and everyone is amazed at the scale of the repairs carried out.

"What I saw in Qatar after visiting a number of places made me appreciate this great effort". "It is clear that the coordination with the International labor Organisation has borne excellent fruit, "she said.

Kerkovic explained that during her visit to the Ministry of Labor, she was briefed on the great efforts being made by the ministry, and also held many talks with officials from the National Human Rights Committee, adding that Qatar has carried out very significant reforms in the field of human rights, praising in this regard the developments made by Qatar in the labor rights system, the sponsorship system, and improving the situation of workers wonderfully.

Dr. Tamara Kerkovic stressed that Qatar has gone through a lot of experiences during achieving these great achievements in the recent period, and also noted the responses of Qatari officials to the various inquiries raised by the delegation of the European Parliament. 

For his part,  Lord Qurban Hussain, member of the delegation of the European Parliament, and member of the British House of Lords, thanked the State of Qatar for its progress in the field of human rights, pointing out that the European parliamentary delegation touched during its field visits and direct meetings with many members of society the extent of the development and reforms achieved by Qatar with regard to human rights and workers' rights.

During the press conference, Lord Hussein underlined many measures taken by Qatar regarding the reform of labor laws and regulations, especially the adoption of a minimum wage, in addition to the abolition of the sponsorship system, and the amendment of travel procedures, entry and exit from the country, pointing out that such measures are positive steps in support of human rights.

Irish Senator Gerard Craughwell, a member of the European delegation, expressed his thanks to the State of Qatar for providing the delegation with the opportunity to get acquainted with the important reforms carried out by Qatar in the field of human rights, as well as with regard to labor laws, and its keenness to protect workers' rights, indicating that these important reforms strengthen Qatar's steps on the right track.

He added that the State of Qatar has allowed the delegation to be present on the ground to follow up on the smallest details regarding the working conditions and workers, listening and talking to people directly, "We noticed the scale of significant reforms in the country, and we must admit that Qatar has worked a lot to achieve this great progress, we emphasize the amendments related to labor laws and the protection of workers' rights in Qatar, and all the organized procedures, I have found a country that respects everyone."

He continued: "in 2017, I was here in Qatar, and followed the volume of business and the efforts made by Qatar, and in terms of positive and constructive changes and amendments to the laws, I believe that Qatar has a great opportunity to make the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 a grand success through these efforts.

For his part,  Dumitru-Viorel Focsa, member of the Romanian parliament, said: "We made several visits, got acquainted with many things, talked with people face to face, and saw how much praise everyone has for the reforms and development achieved by the State of Qatar, the country has achieved a lot of prosperity and progress in many fields."

He expressed his admiration for the great efforts made by Qatar over the past few years, especially in the areas of human rights and labor law reforms. "I think the results of this visit are very positive, and I hope that these reforms will continue for further development in the future," he said.

He noted Qatar's abolition of the sponsorship system, pointing out that such measures are a role model for other countries in the region, expressing hope that the State will work on further reforms.

This high-level delegation visit comes thin the framework of the EP's efforts to get acquainted with the latest reforms carried out by the State of Qatar in the fields of human rights, labor and labor laws, and preparations for hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. (QNA)

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