With the advent of India’s peak festive season, Kalyan Jewellers, a leading jewellery brand, has announced a new offer across Qatar - ‘This Diwali with Kalyan’ until December 25.
Customers will get maximum value on their jewellery purchases, across categories – from gold and diamonds to uncut and precious stone jewellery, it was explained in a statement.
The new offer allows patrons to get cashback up to QR100 on every purchase of gold Jewellery worth QR5,000, up to QR200 on precious/uncut jewellery worth QR5,000 and up to QR500 cashback on diamond jewellery worth QR5,000.
Talking about the offers, Ramesh Kalyanaraman, executive director, Kalyan Jewellers said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of our Diwali celebrations with unique offers on our extensive range of jewellery. At Kalyan Jewellers, we understand the emotion and sentiment of our customers linked with their festivals and jewellery, which is why we strive to provide maximum benefits to our patrons on their festive jewellery purchases by providing them great offers.”
The jewellery retailed at Kalyan Jewellers goes through multiple purity tests and patrons also receive the Kalyan Jewellers 4-Level Assurance Certificate which guarantees purity, free lifetime maintenance of ornaments, detailed product information and transparent exchange and buy-back policies, the statement added.