Amid a distinguished artistic atmosphere and in the presence of a large audience, Katara – the Cultural Village Foundation concluded on Friday evening the activities of the fourth edition of the Qatar International Art Festival (QIAF), organised in co-operation with international company Maps.
On its closing day, the international artistic event hosted a ceremony for distributing awards and shields to honour the artists.

The fourth edition of the QIAF was marked by many different artistic events and activities, including music and fashion shows, in a way to integrate arts with football and sports.
The festival witnessed a big audience, and the art exhibitions highlighted 600 artworks that included paintings, sculpture, design and graphic, presented by 300 artists representing 65 countries and various art schools.
Many of these creations were produced by artists engaged in live drawing, interactive sessions and painting workshops, amid the admiration of visitors.

The festival attracted talented artists of different ages and provided the opportunity to discover aesthetic and artistic values in various techniques and creative methods.
Many of the participating artists expressed happiness with the fourth edition of the QIAF, adding that the festival has established its position on the map of world exhibitions as an international artistic event and a creative space in which arts of various styles and methods meet.
The event helps strengthen bonds of communication between fine-art exponents of different generations, and introducing their creativity while helping upgrade their skills and experiences.
The participating artists also took part in cultural tours, during which they visited the most prominent tourist attractions, cultural and sports edifices, in addition to special tours of Katara.
They were briefed on the most prominent cultural facilities and theatres.
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