Qatar, represented by the Centre for Empowerment and Care of the Elderly (Ehsan), is celebrating the International Day for Older Persons, which falls on Oct 1 every year.
This year, the United Nations has chosen "Resilience of Older Persons in a Changing World" as the slogan of the celebration, a reminder of the important role played by older women in overcoming global challenges and contributing to their solutions with flexibility and steadfastness.
To mark the day, Ehsan centre will organise an awareness seminar entitled "Empowerment and Leadership" where it will discuss the importance of empowering older women and indicate their contribution in various fields and the opportunities available to them to continue their participation and contributions in various fields, highlight their contribution to the daycare programs provided by Ehsan centre, and present real experiences of their contributions in various fields.
The centre is also organising an awareness campaign through social networking sites that emphasizes and highlights its role towards empowering older women in society, and several events will also be organised in daycare clubs in cooperation with a number of state institutions.
Qatar has stressed the vital and important role played by women in general, and older women in particular, in society and the family, by strengthening cohesion and solidarity between generations, preserving societal values and legacies, and contributing to development and economic progress.
Qatar has worked through a package of legislative and institutional measures to ensure access of older people, especially women, to social services, taking into account their special needs, the Qatari Constitution guaranteed the protection of older people and called in Article 21 to preserve and care for old age in order to protect the family and society, at the same time the relevant legislation has worked to promote the rights of older people, with regard to social security, housing and work.
Qatar has been keen to promote and protect the human rights of women, especially the elderly, and provide all kinds of support to them so that they can effectively play these roles by paying attention to their issues in the framework of national development programs, building their capacities and providing them with full opportunity to contribute effectively to the comprehensive renaissance taking place in the State.  
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