The National Cyber Security Agency organised a workshop entitled 'The cyber security situation in the electric power sector',  with more than 30 participants from executives and associates of the electric power sector in the State of Qatar.

The agency confirmed, in a statement Saturday, that the workshop aims to raise the level of cyber security in the vital sectors in the country, and sheds light on cyber security capabilities, the most prominent cyber threats, and strengths and weaknesses in the electric power sector from a global perspective, under the agency's mandate with regard to protecting critical infrastructure of the state.

This workshop, organised by the Agency's Department of National Cyber Governance and Assurance Affairs, comes within the framework of the initiative to raise the level of cyber security in the electric power sector and to build bridges of cooperation, dialogue and exchange of experiences with relevant parties, as well as unifying efforts to raise the level of cyber security in vital services in the country.

The Cyber Governance and Assurance Affairs Department confirmed that the workshop resulted in a set of recommendations that the agency will share with the relevant parties in the electric power sector and follow up on their implementation periodically through the relevant work teams. The workshop dealt with a set of ideas and discussion questions to identify the current gaps and build a future roadmap to raise the level of cybersecurity in that sector.
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