QIIB was awarded the ‘Best Islamic Digital Bank in Qatar for 2022’ during the 2022 awards ceremony of banking excellence and achievement, which is organised on an annual basis by the World Union of Arab Bankers, and was held this year in Istanbul, Turkiye.
The high-profile event was attended by a large number of representatives of the Arab and international banking sector, experts, and a group of representatives of the Arab and international business sector among others.

Dr Abdulbasit Ahmed al-Shaibei, QIIB CEO

The World Union of Arab Bankers recognised QIIB in view of its “incredible” achievements in the field of digital transformation during the recent period and the exceptional improvement of its bouquet of services and products, which the bank made available to its customers digitally in line with the best industry standards.
This is in addition to QIIB’s great efforts in developing Islamic banking and using technology effectively to further expand its expertise and take successes to new markets.
Omar Abdulaziz al-Meer, head (Business Development and Alternative Channels Sector) at QIIB received the award during the ceremony, which was also attended by George Hobeikah, head (Information Technology Sector) at QIIB.
QIIB chief executive officer Dr Abdulbasit Ahmed al-Shaibei said: “We are pleased to win this important award, which reflects the bank’s policy to keep abreast with modernisation and use technology to serve its customers, improve performance, gear up for competition, and provide an internationally accredited banking service that keeps pace with the most important digital updates”.
He noted: “We are very proud of keeping pace with the economic development in Qatar, which is achieving the best indicators in the field of digital advancement in all sectors. This has been recognised by experts from the most renowned international technological companies, many of whom have opened regional branches in Doha. Consequently, this has created a real drive for further progress in the field of the provision of digital services - be it in banking or other key sectors”.
Al-Shaibei said: “QIIB has invested heavily in banking technology for a long period of time, based on the belief that digital transformation in the banking sector is an urgent necessity and a critical factor in improving the operational environment. This is extremely important and reflects the change that has occurred in customer behaviour and in banking services entirely, towards their digitisation on a larger scale”.
He said: “In the recent period, QIIB has worked on strengthening digital transformation and launched a number of services within the framework of this transformation. Most of its banking services have thus become available to the customers without the need to visit the bank branches.
“QIIB is also on the verge of opening a unique and state-of-the-art fully digital branch in the heart of Doha: in Musheireb, to be part of this Smart City, which is considered a benchmark in technological advancement”.
“QIIB’s winning of the ‘2022 Best Islamic Digital Bank in Qatar’ Award reflects the great efforts made by the bank’s team, and it is a culmination of great experiences and efforts that have been made over a long period of time. These efforts were exceptionally intensified during Covid-19, as the bank was able to turn the circumstances and challenges associated with the pandemic into an opportunity, in which it accomplished many plans that normally required much longer time”.
Al-Shaibei thanked the World Union of Arab Bankers for granting QIIB this award. He also thanked the bank’s team, which is working diligently to improve various indicators in order to meet the aspirations of customers and keep pace with international banking standards.
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