The State of Qatar, represented by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, will celebrate next Wednesday the World Teachers' Day, which falls on October, 5, every year, where a number of teachers will be honored for their great contributions in the educational field.

World Teachers' Day is an opportunity to celebrate the teaching profession around the world, conduct a comprehensive assessment of what has been achieved, and draw attention to teachers who represent the core of efforts to achieve the global goal of education, noting that UNESCO estimates indicate the need to employ 69 million teachers to achieve universal education by 2030.

The celebration of this occasion by the State of Qatar reflects a celebration of the teachers and the teaching profession, in recognition of their role in the upbringing and educating generations, loyalty and understanding of the value of their efforts and hard work, and keenness to ensure that the teachers take the position befitting him and his mission.

In this context, Fatima Mohammed Al-Shorouqi, a chemistry teacher at Qatar Technical Secondary School for girls, highlighted the many possibilities and advantages provided by the State, which made the teaching profession the best among all similar professions, in recognition of the importance of the message it provides in building generations and the renaissance of the nation, pointing out that the Ministry of Education and Higher Education is working on many tracks and advantages to raise the proportion of the national staff in the teaching corps in all State schools.

Al-Shorouqi, winner of the Education Excellence Award for the year 2022 in the Outstanding Teacher category, indicated that among those tracks is the ministry's sponsorship of many Qatari students studying at the College of Education at Qatar University through the "Tomouh" program or through the ministry itself, reviewing the many advantages that the State grants to Qatari teachers and celebrating them annually .

For her part, teacher Najla Mansour Ali Al-Khater, winner of the Education Excellence Award for the year 2022 in the Outstanding Teacher category, expressed her pride in belonging to the profession of teacher, which she considered one of the oldest human professions, and has a great credit in building human civilization, and for being the profession of messengers and prophets.

She appreciated the great support provided by the State to the teacher and the many advantages provided by the ministry to all teaching staff . In this context, she addressed all young men and girls from Qatar that the profession of education is one of the most prestigious professions throughout history, and the teachers are leaders of society and builders of civilizations, pointing to the great attention they receive from the State, calling on them to engage in this sacred profession, to repay a small part of what the homeland has given them.

The world has been celebrating World Teachers ' Day since 1994, an international day held annually to celebrate the signing in 1966 of the recommendation of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Labor Organization on the status of teachers . This recommendation is a standard-setting tool that addresses the conditions and situations of teachers around the world, as well as sets standards for their recruitment policy, training and working conditions.
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