The fourth edition of Qatar International Art Festival (QIAF) provided space for artistic and visual communication, exchanging experiences and ideas, and formed a creative platform that attracted a distinguished constellation of artists, MAPS International founder and president Rashmi Agarwal has said.
The event, which concludes on Friday at Katara - the Cultural Village, showcases more than 600 artworks by 300 artists representing 65 countries, and belonging to various spectra, generations, and art schools.
Agarwal said QIAF 2022 also brought together talented people of different ages who had the opportunity to explore aesthetic and artistic values in various creative techniques and methods.
She added the latest edition of the festival was keen to open new windows in fine-art creativity, in front of all participating artists to release their talents and put their fingerprints.
Agarwal lauded the atmosphere of creativity provided by Katara, which prevailed during the days of the festival and had a prominent and active role in highlighting the creative capabilities of artists, which was reflected on its success and distinction.
The festival featured various activities that drew a large number of visitors, who had the chance to see unique works: from drawings and paintings to sculptures and graphics, presented by hundreds of participating artists. It also hosted live art demonstrations, interactive sessions, and painting workshops, in addition to musical performances and fashion shows amid remarkable admiration from the public and visitors.
QIAF established its distinguished position on the map of international exhibitions as a global artistic event that created a space in which arts of various styles and themes meet, according to participating artists.
Spanish artist Rosana said her participation is a dream and a wonderful opportunity that has been achieved while Marina, an artist from Turkmenistan, was impressed and fascinated by the event’s uniqueness and in bringing together diverse cultures and different arts from all over the world under one roof.
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