HE the Secretary-General of the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) Sultan bin Hassan al-Jamali underlined that Qatar has become a party to seven out of nine basic conventions concerned with human rights in addition to its accession to many human rights international conventions endorsed by the United Nations and various international organisations. HE the NHRC Secretary-General took part in the opening of an introductory workshop organised by Oman Human Rights Commission on the international human rights conventions ratified by Oman.

In his intervention titled 'The National Human Rights Committee and international human rights covenants: experience and expertise', HE the NHRC secretary-general said that the National Human Rights Committee has developed accumulated experiences and expertise in everything related to the ratification of human rights conventions and the follow-up on the implementation of their provisions.
He noted that the experiences of NHRC can be summarised in three important points: building NHRC technical and organisational capacities with regard to dealing with the international human rights system; transferring these capabilities and expertise to governmental, national and non-governmental bodies through courses, forums and seminars concerned with human rights conventions; as well as developing processes for harmonising legislation and applying the provisions of agreements from the judiciary.
He added that the NHRC was keen to maintain communication with government agencies regarding reviewing and amending national legislation in line with the international conventions. On the other hand, HE the NHRC secretary-general noted that the committee devoted in its annual reports a chapter under the title 'Developments at the level of national legislation and international conventions', which deals with analysis of laws, decrees and ministerial decisions, and expresses views on their consistency with the international standards of human rights.
Meanwhile, the committee submits parallel reports to international human rights bodies, develops a roadmap for implementing its recommendations and disseminating them to all stakeholders, and formulate awareness, educational and training programs around them. In conclusion, HE the NHRC secretary-general praised the cumulative human rights achievements accomplished by Oman and its leadership in the field of promoting and protecting human rights, as well as its positive involvement in the international human rights system, the most recent of which was the ratification of international human rights conventions, the topic of concern for this event. (QNA)
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