BMC, a Turkish company established in 1964 and manufactures vehicles and heavy equipment, has welcomed co-operation with Qatari firms and establishment as a real value added to the assets and production of the company.
During a recent visit to Istanbul by a team of journalists from Qatar organised by the Turkish embassy in Doha,  BMC CEO Murat Yalcintas, stressed that deep friendship between Qatar and Turkiye has reflected positively on business and manufacturing co-operation among the concerned companies and entities of both brotherly countries.

The buses manufactured by BMC adopt a more environment friendly and efficient product development approach, says Murat Yalcintas.

He further stressed that the feedback coming from Qatar and other GCC help improve the designs, durability, and functionality of the company’s vehicles and machinery due to the particulars of the environment and terrain at such region.
He pointed out that that the buses manufactured by the company adopt a more environment friendly and efficient product development approach to meet the different needs of municipalities and public bus service providers.
Besides, the company has a good number of uniquely designed trucks that could be up to the expectations of the potential clients with even tailor-made enhancements and modifications to respond to the particular requirements of different work conditions and environment.

These include construction trucks, road trucks and others, fully designed and manufactured by the company from scratches until the final product. Yalc?ntas noted that the services of the company does not stop at the manufacturing and sales of their products, but goes on to extensive and highly efficient after sale services and high quality spare parts.
The company’s headquarters and research and development office are located in Istanbul with office branch in Ankara, while the factories are located in Ismir over a space of 250,000sq m and Sakarya, Turkiye on a space of 1,800,000sq m. The company has a co-ordination office in Doha as well. The company has produced over 300,000 vehicles that reached out to more than 80 different world countries.
Besides, commercial buses and trucks, the company is considered one of the significant producers of its own brand of logistic vehicles, military trucks, mission vehicles and armoured personnel carriers as part of its defence industries division. Further, it has its own plant for producing power terrain systems.
Yalc?ntas expressed his hopes that Qatar could become a hub for making these products reach out to more markets in the Middle East region with potential plans to expand and establish warehouses for spare parts and repair workshops to make the supply processes more efficient. He also expressed his high appreciation for the extensive development and advancement seen in Qatar over the recent years, making it one of the most sought after destination for huge investment as Qatari investments are known for making positive difference in all areas, he added.