Mowasalat (Karwa) has added 90 new electric buses to the metrolink fleet to cater to the needs of residential areas, and the fleet is scheduled to start plying the roads of Qatar from October 2.
The announcement was made during a launch event held at Al Sadd Metro station, which was attended by Ahmed Abdulrahman al-Muftah, CAO of Mowasalat (Karwa); Ahmad Hassan al-Obaidly, COO of Mowasalat (Karwa); and Abdulla Saif al-Sulaiti, chief of Service Delivery for Qatar Rail.

The fleet comprises 60 minibuses and 30 medium-sized buses.

Not only are the new electric buses completely zero-emission vehicles, but they also have near-zero noise generation as well. This is in line with Mowasalat (Karwa)’s values and Qatar’s mission to have a green road transportation system, Mowasalat (Karwa) said in a press statement.
The fleet is fully customised for the environment in Doha and comprises 60 minibuses and 30 medium-sized buses with battery capacities of 163kWh and 211kWh, respectively.
With the drivers’ and passengers’ safety paramount in mind, the entire fleet is equipped with 360-degree cameras and sensors to ensure that drivers get a full view of the vehicle’s surroundings.
The buses are highly energy efficient with an inbuilt intelligent energy control system for the batteries to last longer, while the interiors of the buses come equipped with changeable LED lighting. The buses are easily accessible for passengers with special needs.
Each bus is equipped with an alarm system that sends a warning to the driver upon crossing the speed limit, in case a pedestrian crosses the street and at lane departures. This makes the new fleet completely suitable for residential areas, also in terms of their turning radius and bus lengths, the statement explains.
To ensure a seamless passenger experience, Mowasalat (Karwa) is implementing a comprehensive testing process that will continue for the next 10 days, covering 19 routes. This entire testing process will check the mileage performance and energy consumption of the fleet.
Al-Obaidly said customer feedback is of utmost importance at Mowasalat. “Over the years, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport (MoT) and Qatar Rail, we have continuously listened to the needs of our customers, and are extremely pleased to present our latest offering of a new fleet of electric buses. All 90 buses are approved as per international quality standards, and, given their sizes and turning radius, they are perfectly adjusted to residential areas.
"The metrolink buses form a crucial component of the transport system, providing last-mile connectivity to all Metro passengers and making Metro stations easily accessible. This new fleet of electric buses provides passengers with a significantly superior commuting experience, in addition to demonstrating our commitment to quality and safety while minimising our environmental footprint. I encourage the people of Qatar to avail of the country's highly developed and modern public transport system and make it your preferred mode of transport."
Al-Sulaiti noted that since the launch of Doha Metro in 2019, metrolink has been one of the most important first- and last-mile service initiatives among Metro users, and played a key role in encouraging the use of the Metro as an alternative to private transport. Introduction of electric buses to the metrolink fleet is a key step in the direction of achieving Qatar National Vision 2030 by providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transport.
“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the MoT and Mowasalat for their continued support and look forward to the successful implementation of e-buses to the metrolink fleet and further expansion of the network,” he said.