Nearly 600 Ajyal Jurors will assess a selection of 12 feature films, including several award-winning works by prominent and emerging film directors, at the Special 10th Edition of the Ajyal Film Festival to be held from October 1 to 8.
The selected films celebrate diversity and cover a wide range of themes – from coping with grief, mental health, breezy comedies about brotherly affection, and how the millennial generation is adapting to the realities around them.

Our Brothers

The feature films and a broad selection of 26 short films will be screened for the Ajyal Jury in the three competition categories – Mohaq (jurors aged 8 to 12); Hilal (13 to 17 years) and Bader (18 to 25-year-olds). They will watch the films, discuss with their peers from around the world and assess them to select the Festival award winners.
In a press statement, Doha Film Institute (DFI) and festival director CEO Fatma Hassan Alremaihi said: “Delivering inspirational stories of bonding, optimism and the human spirit to overcome trials using powerfully creative narratives, this year’s selection of feature films stand out for audacious themes that resonate with young people around the world.

Until Tomorrow

“Many of the films have young protagonists who are successfully navigating the challenges around them in an increasingly complex world. The themes are handled sensitively and continue to convey messages of hope and positivity to inspire our youth to reflect, build important connections, and find a deeper understanding of the shared human experience.”
Feature films in the Mohaq category include: Dounia & The Princess of Aleppo (Canada, France/2022), by Marya Zarif and André Kadi; The Apple Day (Iran, Turkey/2022), by Mahmoud Ghaffari; Bigman (Netherlands, Germany/2022) by Camiel Schouwenaar; and Dragon Princess (France/2022) by Jean-Jacques Denis.

After Yang

Feature films screening in the Hilal category are: After Yang (US/2022), directed and edited by Kogonada; Comedy Queen (Sweden/2021) by Sanna Lenken; Audience Award winner at the Sundance Film Festival 2022, The Territory (Brazil, Denmark, US/2022), by Alex Pritz; and Until Tomorrow (Iran, France, Qatar/2022) by prominent filmmaker Ali Asgari.
Feature films in the Bader category include: Our Brothers (France/2022) by three-time Academy Award nominee Rachid Bouchareb; Kash Kash - Without Feathers We Can't Live (Lebanon, Germany/2022) by Lea Najjar; My Sister Liv (Australia, US/2022) directed by Alan Hicks; and Hafreiat (Spain, Qatar, Jordan/2022) by Alex Sardà.
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