A rare Olive Ridley Sea Turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) was found at Al Maroonda Beach after drifting to the seashore, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Wildlife Development Department announced.
Accordingly, the turtle was transferred to Fuwairait Beach under the supervision of the inspectors of the ministry, and all necessary first aid given to the turtle. Some bruises and wounds were also treated. Besides, the marine organisms that were stuck to its body were removed, in addition to taking all the necessary bio measures of the turtle. It was then released into the sea after making sure that it is safe and able to swim and survive.
The beach is often frequented by hawksbill turtles but this type of turtles is very rare and the spotted case is considered one-of-a-kind instance in the country. The injured turtle was reported by a Qatari man, and the ministry expressed appreciation for his sincere efforts and love of nature.