Qatar Charity (QC) announced the launch of ‘Biggest Winner’, an awareness, health and entertainment programme for primary school students, at a ceremony attended by the partners and the students and teachers from the participating schools affiliated to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

The programme, which will continue until October 31, targets 100 male and female overweight students from eight primary schools, QC has said in a press statement.
The programme, which are held under the supervision of specialised trainers, includes health, sport, entertainment and awareness activities. It seeks to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle and healthy eating habits among the participants, so that they can be a healthy generation and contribute to building the country and serving the community in the future.

“This programne is of particular importance because its idea stemmed from the Qatar National Vision 2030, which emphasises achieving good health and well-being, one of the sustainable development goals, to ensure that everyone lives a healthy lifestyle,” said Abdulrahman al-Hajri, director of the Local Programmes and Community Development Department.
He added that the programme reflects the country’s interest in raising awareness of the importance of sports and its role in the lives of the people in Qatar. He underlined QC's continuous keenness to strengthen partnership with all government and private bodies to achieve this noble goal, thanking all the partners and participants of the programme.

The president of the Qatar Women's Sports Committee (QWSC), Lolwa al-Marri, expressed happiness to participate in this programme. She said QWSC will provide fitness exercises and necessary training for female students according to their health needs, noting the long-standing partnership between QWSC and Qatar Charity by holding some sporting events.
“It is our privilege to always participate with Qatar Charity in its various activities, and we are also honoured that we have been selected to take part in this wonderful event,” said Dr Munir Ali Ibrahim, general manager of the Naseem Healthcare group. He added that Naseem Healthcare will provide doctors, nurses and dietitians, who will come up with a proper diet plan for each participant suffering from obesity, in addition to offering free medical advice and consultations.
“We, through our participation in this program, aim to educate young people about the importance of practicing sports activities for a better healthy life,” said Khalifa Mohamed al-Kubaisi, founder of the Sport. Kha team.
He added that the team will organise the necessary exercises for the students according to their health conditions, praising Qatar Charity’s efforts in educating and supporting young people in the field of sports activities.
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