West Bay Petroleum, a subsidiary of Mohamed Bin Hamad Holding Company (MBHHC), has established a partnership with Terra Drone Indonesia, a subsidiary of Terra Drone Group.
West Bay Petroleum Co. WLL is among the pioneers in oil & gas services and chemical suppliers in Qatar, founded in the year 1985. Likewise, Terra Drone provides drone technology-based solutions in various industrial sectors such as oil & gas, mining, plantations, construction & infrastructure, and others, a press statement notes.

The partnership is aimed to explore the drone services market opportunities in Qatar by "combining the expertise and network that West Bay Petroleum has
and the unique solution & technology that Terra Drone owns".
"Qatar has made significant investments in recent years across multiple industries to increase the robustness of its economy. Along with this increase of investments comes the strong need to adapt to digital transformation. Across the globe, drones have become a paramount tool in ensuring the proper monitoring and maintenance of valuable assets while also giving companies and industries valuable outputs to guarantee the optimisation of all operations," the statement points out.
Vice-Chairman of MBHHC, HE Sheikh Jassim bin Mohamed al-Thani, said: “As a Qatari company, we are proud that through our many years of experience of supporting Qatar’s growth through various investments and endeavours, that we can announce this new partnership. We truly believe in the benefits and the role that drones will play in the coming years in advancing Qatar’s digitisation ambitions.
“Along with Terra Drone, we look forward to becoming leaders in this field and provide existing and new customers unrivalled support powered by this new partnership.”
Michael Wishnu Wardana, managing director of Terra Drone Indonesia, said: “I see a good opportunity in Qatar, and I am really pleased to be able to establish a partnership with WBP & WBPS, which have a strong experience in oil & gas, which is our priority market. We learned a lot from many experiences working with large oil & gascompanies like Chevron, Inpex, ConocoPhillips, Shell and ADNOC, and we believe we can bring that value also to customers in Qatar.”
Alexandros Lakatamitis, general manager of Qatar West Bay Petroleum, added: "Seeing the increasing need for drone use for various tasks and projects in our area of expertise as well as the need for such solutions in other areas, the company entrusted Terra Drone to be our strategic partner. Terra Drone’s experience in oil & gas and other industries across the globe makes us confident to deliver the level of excellence our customers have become accustomed to. This addition to our suite of drone-related products and services is something that we believe will benefit several entities throughout Qatar.”
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