The Environmental Protection Reserves and Wildlife Department of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change organised an awareness-raising event to collect seeds and plant 300 mangroves in Al Thakhira Reserve.
The ministry carried out the event in conjunction with the flowering and shedding season of mangroves, and in co-operation with a number of civil society organisations, where the participating experts provided explanations about mangroves and the method of planting them, as well as the method of collecting seeds correctly.

The mangroves perform important environmental functions, including protecting coastal areas from the effects of wind, waves and water currents, conserving biodiversity, protecting coral reefs, seagrass habitats, and shipping lanes, providing suitable breeding grounds for marine organisms, providing nutrients for a variety of fish and shellfish, including commercial species, in addition to their prominent role in absorbing blue carbon and releasing oxygen.
Mangroves are spread along the northeastern coast of the State, and the Department of Wildlife Development plans to cultivate and protect them as part of the ministry's plan to expand their cultivation. (QNA)