Qatari twins Sarah and Hajar Abdel Rahman stormed the field of body language analysis, and they now analyse the movements and suggestions made by celebrities and actors on social media, as well as publishing books, local Arabic daily 'Arrayah' reported. The publications, such as 'Theater of Feelings,' 'Your Eyes Speak to Me,' 'The World of Body Language,' and 'The Body Language Expert' and 'A Double Standard', are among the bestsellers in all Gulf countries, and they are also available in some Arab countries such as Egypt and Iraq.
'The World of Body Language,' has been translated into English, followed by 'The Body Language Expert.' The twins describe art as an awesome means of expression for those who present it and a source of inspiration for the audience. "In a television series, there is a belief that what the actor does is a reflection of a realistic feeling that represents a large number of people. We also analyse the singer’s body language when he reaches the depth of his feelings while singing, as in the case of Abdel Halim Hafez while he sings 'The Cup Reader'. We have interpreted his feelings in the clip and it has gone viral."
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