* Teknopark Istanbul offers advanced R&D solutions and desires for co-operation with Qatar

High tech companies in Turkiye are keen to maintain effective co-operation with Qatari businesses and go into joint ventures in both Turkiye and Qatar to build on the already excellent relations between the leaderships and peoples of the two brotherly countries.

Ozlem Telatar, Corporate Communications Manager at Teknopark Istanbul.

Speaking to a team of journalists from Qatar who visited Istanbul recently on a tour organised by the Turkish embassy in Doha, Ozlem Telatar, Corporate Communications Manager at Teknopark Istanbul, stressed that Teknopark can offer Qatari businesses huge leaps in technology in various areas with its extensive expertise in the field that would boost innovation, productivity and create sophisticated business opportunities for established companies and startups as well. She pointed out that Teknopark is considered as Turkiye’s biggest science park specialised in deep tech with 44% of its activities covering defence industry technologies, 21% aviation and space, 13% marine and 22% advanced electronics and other technologies. She noted that the research and development outcome of Teknopark accounts for 424 companies, 2,806 national projects, and 265 intellectual patents and industrial property rights.

Hashim Sungu, manager, permanent property expo in Istanbul.

Teknopark Incubation Center Manager Ahmed Kerim Nalbant briefed the team on some of the sample products that have been created by Teknopark researchers that would further facilitate human life such as mine detection technologies, support for the physically disabled persons and various other every day uses. He stressed that Qatar could be an excellent partner in this field and there are a huge scope for mutual co-operation with Qatari businesses and institutes to further promote innovation and technological advancements.
Meanwhile, Qatar also owns 10% of the shares of the Turkish stock exchange Borsa Istanbul, and the officials there stressed that such Qatari investment has positively reflected on its performance over the past period. They also invited "Qatari investors to invest in the capital markets of our country. Our country's markets, which protect foreign investors, provide safe trading opportunities, are extremely liquid, where trading can be done easily, where there is no restriction on capital inflows and outflows, which provide access to a wide variety of securities products traded in four different markets with its highly efficient platforms and sophisticated technologies."

Borsa Istanbul
Further, Hashim Sungu, manager permanent property expo in Istanbul, said that GCC investors and Qataris in particular have a strong desire to invest in the real estate sector in the country as a safe and secure investment option. Accordingly, this expo, which is open throughout the weekdays from 10am until 10pm, offers the customers all the necessary support, providing them with various options tailored to cater for their demands including villas, apartments, agriculture and farm lands, offices, hospitals and others. He said that the expo is approved and accredited by the Turkish government and the Qatari customers can benefit from the finance options provided by certain finance banks. Besides, the expo provides them with the necessary legal assistant and management of their property to avoid them the negative possibilities of dealing with scammers.
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