In appreciation of their efforts in supporting students, Qatar University (QU) organised a ceremony to honour 80 employers from various labour sectors in the country.
QU president Dr Hassan bin Rashid al-Derham, vice-presidents and deans of colleges, and representatives of various companies and institutions attended.
In his speech on the occasion, Dr al-Derham said QU was able to form partnerships, work and follow up its progress towards its aspirations in the past period in which the world went through very difficult circumstances imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A view of the gathering on the occasion.

"This requires us to strengthen existing partnerships and forge new ones that enhance our cooperation and support our plans, mission and path, and share our ambitions and goals. As many as 262 agreements and memorandum of understanding and co-operation were signed, and we will sign more," he added.
QU's Professional Development Centre acting director Ghadeer Zainal, said: “This ceremony aims to recognise successful individuals from the nation's various business sectors who have contributed to enhancing and diversifying the university experience by offering students professional such as academic sponsorship and hands-on training.
QU's Office of International Affairs director Cesar Wazen said the institution has taken important steps in the field of international rankings thanks to the support it has received from employers.
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