Vodafone Qatar 'positively impacting socioeconomic development through leading CSR initiatives'
September 22 2022 05:55 PM
Ali Atiq Alabdulla, head of Media Relations & CSR External Affairs, Vodafone Qatar.
Ali Atiq Alabdulla, head of Media Relations & CSR External Affairs, Vodafone Qatar.

Since its inception, Vodafone Qatar has had a focus on various social investments, considering them to be a key aspect of achieving its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategic objectives. By adopting and leading on a range of CSR initiatives, Vodafone Qatar aims to build a digital society that enhances the country’s socioeconomic progress, Ali Atiq Alabdulla, head of Media Relations & CSR External Affairs, Vodafone Qatar, has stressed.
"Vodafone Qatar’s innovative CSR initiatives aim to drive sustainable change within the community by committing to positively impact the social, economical and environmental elements within the local market. Our social investment aligns with our broader purpose to connect and benefit a wide segment of Qatari society by addressing the challenges that a developed country like ours is facing. Vodafone Qatar has always been and continues to be an enabler of tangible change in the three core areas: sustainability, sports and innovation," Alabdulla said in a statement.
"Sustainability, based on the highest environmental standards, is key to everything that we do at Vodafone Qatar. Earlier this year, we launched our ‘Yes, we can rebuild’ campaign, which encouraged consumers to recycle and compost their food waste, therefore leading to a positive behaviour change. The campaign was part of a wider focus on overcoming social challenges by promoting sustainability and green living, and ultimately supporting Qatar’s progress towards its National Vision 2030," he continued.
"We know that Qatar hosts and organises world-class sporting events all year round, and so at Vodafone we are always looking for ways to integrate our CSR efforts with sports, while strengthening our position as an active player in the technology sector," Alabdulla said. "We establish partnerships and sponsor community sports events in Qatar by providing sustainable and innovative solutions such as equipping venues with Vodafone’s 5G network and other technologies that help deliver seamless event operations."
Believing in the power of innovation and technology in creating new opportunities for the future of digital transformation, Vodafone Qatar seeks to convert new ideas into tangible projects and initiatives that serve the development of the community and help them overcome social challenges, the official noted. "This includes, but is not limited to, providing businesses and consumers the latest technologies in the fields of telecommunication. Vodafone Qatar has also built long-term partnerships with universities and research institutions in Qatar, the latest of which was an agreement with the University of Doha for Science and Technology.
"Partnerships between organisations built to deliver CSR initiatives play a crucial role in combining efforts into achieving a unified vision. We believe that the business sector in Qatar should also strive to achieve this vision by adopting initiatives that provoke a positive change in the country."
Vodafone Qatar is committed to delivering CSR initiatives using its innovative technological advancements that will offer the needed solutions to social challenges. Among many other examples, Vodafone Qatar supports the education sector through its partnership with Education Above All Foundation and its charitable partnership with Al Noor Institute for the Blind, Alabdulla said.
To find out more about Vodafone’s CSR initiatives and be part of the change, one can visit https://www.vodafone.qa/en/about-us/csr

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