UN Development Programme (UNDP) Administrator Achim Steiner praised the close strategic partnership with Qatar and its pioneering role in financing the programme's projects and enhancing its efforts to reduce poverty worldwide and achieve development and investment in the future.
In an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), Steiner pointed out that Qatar participates with the UNDP in providing support to 170 countries around the world through Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) in particular, indicating that its involvement in sustainable development efforts has provided the opportunity to overcome obstacles to financing several projects.
He described the existing strategic partnership between Qatar, Germany and the UNDP as unique, as it has resulted in less than three years in the development of "accelerator labs" concerned with promoting innovation and keeping pace with technological changes in 91 countries around the world out of a total of 115 countries.
Steiner said that the UNDP has an important partnership with the QFFD, which is to develop "accelerator labs", which are used by several countries in the field of creative thought industry, and the best example of this is Lebanon, Vietnam and the African continent.
With regard to the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, Steiner stressed that Qatar has been working with the UNDP for many years in supporting the humanitarian response in this country.
He pointed out the importance of its participation in the programme concerned with developing societies and strengthening their resilience in light of the economic difficulties experienced by Afghans.
In this context, the UNDP Administrator stressed that development is the only solution to get out of the faltering economic and political situation in Afghanistan, pointing out that about 90 % of the Afghan population will live below the poverty line by the end of 2022.