The library of Doha Institute For Graduate Studies is set to hold the third Arab Open Access Forum via videoconferencing during October 29-31, 2022, in collaboration with Arab Community of Open Access (ACOA). The forum will constitute an opportunity for the academic and research community to get familiarised with the merits and advantages of free access and its developments at the global level, in addition to enhancing the Arab content and provide it freely on the internet, supporting the relevant educational programs and monitoring the distinguished experiences and initiatives, in terms of scientific and practical aspects in the overall tracks of free access in the Arab society.
In addition, the forum will spotlight the current and vital topics through its seven themes that will be discussed, where the first theme will discuss the information openness for climatic justice, the second theme will address the role of free access in countering pandemics and crises through focusing on some successful experiences at the Global and Arab levels, the third theme will discuss the directions in the open science, while the fourth theme will focus on the scientific journals.
In the fifth theme, researchers will discuss the digital repositories, the disciplinary and institutional digital repositories in the Arab region, the sixth theme will discuss the various sources of free access and the seventh theme will spotlight the information institutions and their role in supporting free access.
The forum will be held for the third time at the Arab region level respectively, and is hosted by the library of Doha Institute For Graduate Studies.
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