The 12th electronic auction for fancy numbers will be opened on Metrash 2 on September 15, the General Directorate of Traffic has said.
According to a tweet by the Ministry of Interior (MoI), the auction will be held from 8am on September 15 to 10pm on September 18.
The auction, special numbers and start price can be viewed at The ministry said that the number plates sold in this auction will bear the World Cup logo while the numbers displayed in the auction will be classified into two separate categories with different security amounts for each category. The security amount for the first category is QR10,000 and for the second category QR5,000.
According to a notification by the MoI on Tuesday, the person who wins the auction (bidder with the highest amount) must contact the General Directorate of Traffic within a maximum of four working days from the auction end date, to pay the bid price for the number plate.
If the bidder withdraws from payment, the security deposit will be forfeited. If a bidder wins more than one special number, none of them will be granted to him/her until s/he pays all the amounts for the special numbers s/he won. Payment can be made by cheque issued in the name of the special numbers or by credit card.
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