The organising committee of the Sheikh Jassim Holy Qur'an Competition has announced that the number of registered participants in various categories and children competitions for the year 1444 AH - 2022 AD in the 27th edition of the contest, stands at 2,132 male and female competitors.
The committee said the number of registered candidates in the section allocated to citizens, males and females, stood at 619, with 180 males and 439 females.
In the children's category, the total number of registered citizens and residents is 1,513 contestants, with 505 citizens, which include 281 male and 224 female. The number of registered residents is 1,008 contestants, with 591 male and 417 female.
The categories target the participation of citizens (male and female) who memorise the Holy Book in categories (5), (10), (15), (20), (25) the first or last parts of the Holy Qur'an.
Males and females, citizens and residents, will compete in the children's section of the competition in memorising one part of the last five parts of the Holy Qur'an.
The organising committee of the competition noted that the examinations will start on September 10, according to the detailed schedule announced by the committee at the headquarters of the Women's Memorisation Division in Al-Waab area. The organising committee of the competition has indicated that all the committees for female examinations in the categories and for children, will have judges who are skilled in memorising the Holy Qur'an.
The organising committee of the competition is keen to attract the largest number of citizens and residents to participate in the categories and in the children's section. Prizes have also been allocated in all categories.