Prathama Banerjee, writer, historian, and professor at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, India, will be the speaker at Northwestern University in Qatar’s ( NU-Q) Dean’s Global Forum on September 7.
She will also contribute to the Institute for Advanced Study in the Global South’s (#IAS_NUQ) inaugural conference.
“Professor Banerjee is a formidable thinker and scholar whose work and scholarly contributions provide the global scholarly community with a deeper look into the relationship between philosophical ideas and political practices, through her work in the context of India and the Global South,” said Marwan M Kraidy, dean and CEO of NU-Q.
A distinguished historian and political theorist, Banerjee received her PhD from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, where she researched how ideas of modernity in contemporary Bengal have been shaped by its colonial past. In the years since, she has examined historically produced traditions of political thinking in the Global South.
Currently, a historian at the Centre for Study of Developing Societies in Delhi, India, Banerjee’s work explores ways of thinking across time from within the discipline of history. She engaged in a study of the career of political ideas and concepts in South Asia as they emerge at the intersection of philosophy, religion, history, and literature, as well as across the ancient, medieval, and modern periods.