The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has launched a public consultation on the Information and Communications Technology Sector Taxonomy document 'ICT Sector Classification' and is inviting views and comments of stakeholders and concerned parties in Qatar on the content of the document.
The document aims to establish a national classification framework for the ICT sector to support further regulatory assessments, economic, and sectoral analyses, and policies development to foster ICT sector’s growth. Through this classification, CRA aims to establish sector taxonomy principles and categories to help better understand the current state and maturity of Qatar’s ICT sector and to provide a relevant and comprehensive sector structure for the market players and the ICT ecosystem. On the supply chain side, the Classification shall provide guidance to the companies on mapping their products and services against established categories of ICT activities.
The CRA sector classification has been developed as part of the large-scale strategic CRA’s ICT Sector Research Study launched earlier this year. The classification has been used through the primary research phase of this study to capture information about the services and activities of local ICT businesses. Based on the classification and the survey findings, CRA plans to publish an up-to-date list of active ICT players across the value chain to keep key demand players, potential investors, and other stakeholders informed.
Stakeholders and concerned parties can submit their related views and comments by emailing [email protected], by no later than Sunday, September 11, 2022. All views and comments received in response to this consultation will be reviewed and taken into consideration by CRA in establishing its position on this subject.
The public consultation document can be accessed via
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