The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) organised yesterday the introductory workshop on the project of developing biodiversity database in Qatar, in partnership with UN Environment Programme (UNEP).
In his inaugural remarks to the workshop, Assistant Undersecretary for Protection and Natural Reserves Affairs Dr Ibrahim Abdullatif al-Maslamani underscored the importance of biodiversity, in terms of environment conservation and stability.
He noted that one of the most importance projects entails the development of biodiversity database in Qatar, which seeks to issue a list of flora and fauna species registered in the State.
In his remarks, Consultant to UNEP Ihab Eid reviewed the significance of this programme, including its anticipated goals and outcomes after finalising its various phases, including the role undertaken by the competent authorities to collate the relevant data.
Dr al-Maslamani said that the three-year project comprises several phases to develop flora and fauna biodiversity database in Qatar in co-operation with the competent authorities.
Ihab Eid said that the significance of workshop is contingent on introducing an integrated database on flora and fauna species available in Qatar. (QNA)