Galfar Al Misnad’s human resources team kicked off their new employee engagement initiative 'Nayi Disha' (New Direction) with an interactive session at the Wellspring workers accommodation camp recently. 'Nayi Disha' is the latest venture by the leading contracting company in Qatar to motivate and engage their more than 7,000 strong workforce. Going forward, the sessions will be regularly held at Galfar Al Misnad’s camps with the aim of enhancing the lives of employees through awareness, entertainment, and games.
“The objective of this initiative is to engage workers to improve their morale, imbibe awareness on crucial topics, and increase the feeling of belonging to the company,” explained Galfar Al Misnad’s human resources deputy manager Aparna P Krishna. The awareness session was conducted by Galfar’s welfare officer M D Arshad Jamal. The workers were then quizzed on the company and the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. This was followed by a session on basic etiquette and manners. “The initiative was well received by the employees and we have decided to continue such events at the various camps at regular intervals,” said Galfar’s senior general manager, Joy G Pettah.
Galfar Al Misnad has been operating in Qatar for more than 26 years, and has regularly received national and international recognition for their commitment to the wellbeing of their employees. “We believe that our employees are our greatest strength; and their safety and wellbeing is our first priority always. Initiatives like Nayi Disha play an essential role in motivating our team to tap into their individual talents and also contribute adeptly towards the betterment of the organisation at large,” stated Galfar’s executive director, Satish G Pillai.
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