A workshop organised by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) kicked off in Doha on Wednesday to discuss climate change and he road to COP27, to build capacities of those working in the field.
The two-day workshop discusses an array of topics with respect to training government officials on the fundamental concepts of climate change sciences, international climate system, activities of parties to UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), in addition to the provision of useful information and opinions on the methodology Qatar is pursuing to prepare for the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP27), which is due to be held in the Arab Republic of Egypt in November, including Qatar's role in combating this phenomenon and mitigate its risks.
Acting Director of the Climate Change Department at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Eng.
Saad Abdullah al-Hitmi said that issues of climate change, green growth and sustainability are the key fundamental themes for Qatar, which the ministry is seeking to develop pursuant to Qatar National Vision 2030.
He noted that in order to develop the capacities of those working in this field, the ministry is operating in collaboration with GGGI to contribute to implementing the essential environmental development pillar and effective contribution to the national efforts on climate change and green growth.
He explained that the workshop is an integral part of the co-operation programme between the Ministry and GGGI as Qatar hosts GGGI's office which intends to promote the instrumental role of Qatar at the regional and international levels pertaining to the fields the office is covering.
The first day of the event featured the remarks delivered by Manager of GGGI in Qatar Dr Pranab Baruah who tackled the climate change and its harmful impacts, causes, importance of achieving environment balance, reduction of carbon emissions and other gases, causes of global warming, importance of focusing on agriculture, clean energy and greenhouse sectors to mitigate the pervasiveness of emissions, in addition to reducing their risks on agriculture, health and water, reviewing the economic and social aspects of climate change and its impact on food security, emphasizing that climate change has remained a reality today which requires the synergetic efforts of all those concerned countries, governments and individuals to further reduce its risks on the life of people.
In addition, the expert on climate change Dr Omar Osama Abdelaziz elaborated on the significance of this workshop and the Qatari participation in COP 27 which is due to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt next November, noting state of Qatar's commitment to the international conventions with respect to climate change, including Paris convention and other vital issues and themes related to climate change.
In his statements to Qatar News Agency (QNA) on the sidelines of the workshop, Dr Abdelaziz underscored the substantial commitment of Qatar to combat climate change and mitigate its ensuing risks, including Qatar's credible co-operation with the international community in this respect, noting that one of Qatar's unwavering efforts in combating the phenomenon of climate change entails the development of a comprehensive strategy for environment & climate change within its national vision, in addition to its ambitious national goals and contributions at home and abroad when Qatar announced its contributions to assist countries that are most affected by climate change in OP26 conference held in Glasgow to be further adaptable to climate change, which is something he said, is added to the credible record of Qatar and receives international commendation, including Qatar's confirmed commitment to uphold climate change conventions, including Paris convention, and its unwavering efforts in reducing carbon emissions and the adoption of plans and programs related to Qatar's orientation toward renewable and clean energy, as well as rationalization & recycling processes and use of electric cars, noting that Qatar's hosting FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tournament would primarily make its projects more sustainable and eco-friendly.
Dr Abdelaziz clarified that the workshop goals are to get the participants familiarised with the methods of negotiation in the parties conferences with respect to climate change and their findings, in addition to qualifying them to further participate and prepare for COP 27 which is scheduled to be held in Egypt, underlining that the most prominent issues COP 27 is set to discuss include issues of funding and compensating the countries that are exposed to losses due to climate change and provide the essential support to them, pointing out that Glasgow conference in Scotland allocated $100bn for this programme, however until 2020 no commitment has been made, thus the date of fulfilling this amount has been transferred to 2025, as well as the subject of adaptation to these impacts as a global goal due to the significant damages and risks climate change poses to the developing and most fragile countries, and ways of mitigating them, especially since the issue of climate change has become a global issue that tops the international agenda.(QNA)
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