Qatar-based International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) and its partners the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT) and the UN Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), along with Organisation of American States (OAS), have joined hands to provide technical assistance to Chile ahead of Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.
A meeting held in this connection in Santiago on August 9-11 brought together representatives from the Chile Olympic Committee (COCH), the National Police, security planners for the Pan American Games 2023, and other entities.
It comes within the ongoing preparations for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games, the first Pan American Games in the Latin American nation, taking place from October 20 to November 5.
During the meeting, partners discussed international, regional and national best practices, and a joint needs analysis was conducted, paving the way for future integrated workshops and training in preparation for the Games.
This significant step forward is part of the implementation of the Global Programme on Security of Major Sporting Events and the Promotion of Sport and its Values to Prevent Violent Extremism launched by the UNOCT, the ICSS, the UNICRI and the UN Alliance of Civilisations, and the official participation of UN Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate and Interpol.
The Global Programme is aimed at strengthening the protection of MSE (major sporting events) through enhanced international co-operation and sustainable security approaches while promoting the values of sport as a powerful means to counter terrorism and prevent violent extremism.
Dale Sheehan, director (capacity building and executive education) at the ICSS, said: “This event is a unique and timely opportunity to start providing a range of technical assistance to Chile, the host country of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games, through the transfer, adaptation, mobilisation and utilisation of skills, knowledge and technology in sport security and the use of sport to provide violent extremism.”
Since its inception in February 2020, the Global Programme's partners have provided assistance to several UN member states, such as Cameroon, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Maldives.
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