Officers from Doha Municipality's municipal control department carried out a broad inspection campaign in the logistics services area, Industrial Area, from June 26 to July 28, covering 245 food organisations and outlets.

These resulted in the issuance of five violation reports and the closure of a food storehouse, the Ministry of Municipality said.
A total of 637 abandoned vehicles were removed.

Mansour Ajran al-Buainain
The inspection also covered other 81 organisations and places, where 14 violations of the law regulating buildings were issued.
The campaign was implemented with the aim of spreading awareness about control efforts among businesses and organisations, and urging them to strictly abide by municipal laws and regulations, and maintaining cleanliness and order in the Industrial Area.
The campaign was also aimed at conducting a comprehensive survey of all land plots in the Industrial Area to build a more accurate and updated database.

Earlier, Doha Municipality director Mansour Ajran al-Buainain issued an administrative circular for the formation of a work team in the logistics services area, chaired by municipal control department assistant director Abdulla Nasser al-Qahtani, and comprising logistic services section head Jaber Khalaf al-Jusaiman as the deputy chairman of the team and some members representing the health control and technical control sections.
The team has maintained co-ordination with the entities concerned to take the necessary steps against the violators.
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