The Ministry of Labour has launched a new set of e-services on its digital platform as part of its Digital Transformation plan to achieve operational excellence and enhance end-user satisfaction.
This new release involves the following services: request to modify the location of a recruitment office and request to extend a general work licence (extension of QID validity date), the ministry said in a press statement Sunday.
The request to extend a general work licence allows an establishment to request for extending employee work permits (QIDs) with the ministry online, without the need to submit documents manually or make in-person visits to the ministry's offices. The approval will be granted online, and the requesting establishment and employee notified electronically as well.
The request to modify the location of a recruitment office allows an establishment to request for its recruitment office to be moved from its current location to another location of choice, subject to venue verification. The request can be submitted, reviewed and approved by the ministry online, with the requesting establishment notified automatically about the decision.
The launch of these new e-services package, the third of its kind, is part of the ministry's plan to provide all services in an electronic and paperless manner, relying on modern digital solutions to achieve this objective.
The ministry’s Digital Transformation Management Unit is working on developing, updating and offering nearly 80 electronic services and transactions during the coming period, as the transaction will be completed without the need to visit the ministry’s building or service offices or submit paper documents.
The Digital Transformation Management Unit has adopted the 'Agile solution delivery' framework, making the Ministry of Labour one of the first governmental organisations in Qatar adopt such a move, enabling the launch of new services and updates frequently. This will allow the beneficiaries to access new digitally enabled services every 6-8 weeks, the statement notes.
The Ministry of Labour said it is working on developing a comprehensive digital platform to host all e-services it provides and is co-ordinating with the various authorities involved to ensure appropriate integrations and optimised delivery to enhance the quality of services and improve end-user satisfaction.
The ministry currently provides more than 50 digital services through its website: