Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) and RKH Qitarat, the service provider for Doha Metro and Lusail Tram, signed a co-operation agreement to build bilateral partnership by using their expertise and resources to promote public safety and dignity towards their shared goals and mission.
The agreement was signed by QRCS CEO Faisal Mohamed al-Emadi and RKH Qitarat deputy managing director Leonard Baldwin. The signing ceremony was attended by Muna Fadel al-Sulaiti, director of Volunteering and Local Development Division at QRCS; Kevin Thomas, managing director of RKH Qitarat; Abdullah al-Mawlawi, Communication and Public Relations director at Qatar Railways Company (Qatar Rail); Menaif al-Jabri, Qatarisation Manager; Elise Mclellan, Human Resources deputy director; and Tamer al-Nusairat, the project’s coordinator.
In her remarks, al-Sulaiti said: “This is the first cooperation between QRCS and RKH Qitarat. Over 22,000 volunteers registered in our database are available to serve the State of Qatar during this important event. We are happy that QRCS and its volunteers are actively contributing to the tournament. I would like to thank RKH Qitarat for their trust in and recruitment of QRCS’ volunteers. We are all here for Qatar. Hopefully, this will not be the last instance of cooperation. We are set to help in whatever area that can make this global sports event a success”.
Baldwin stated: “We believe in QRCS’ leading role in support of the efforts of Qatari organisations participating in major sports events. As Qatar is poised to host FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, we join hands to support the company’s operations at Doha Metro and Lusail Tram networks. No less than 200 well-trained volunteers will lend a hand to serve and guide railway users at Metro and Tram stations throughout the tournament, 21 November to 18 December”.
In the implementation of this agreement, QRCS will create qualified teams of volunteers and leaders who have past experience in organising spectators at sports tournaments. They will receive customer service training and be subsequently assessed, so that they become prepared to be deployed 24/7 at Metro/Tram stations to ensure that all the rules of entry, exit, and evacuation (if necessary) are respected by railway customers, be they nationals, residents, tourists, or football fans.
The volunteers recruited by QRCS will meet certain requirements, including fluency in two or more languages, the ability to work under pressure and communicate with the public, being physically fit, 2+ years of customer service experience, having received the required Covid-19 vaccination doses, passing medical examinations, being of good conduct, passing security background check, and compliance with the code of conduct.

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