The Ministry of Education and Higher Education reviewed with private schools and kindergartens their preparations and readiness for the new academic year 2022-2023, which will start Tuesday, August 16.
The Assistant Undersecretary for Private Education Affairs Omar Abdul Aziz Al Naama held a series of meetings with the schools and kindergartens to examine their preparations to receive students after completing all the equipment for maintaining and rehabilitating their school facilities before the start of the study.
Also, they inspected the programs and plans for the new academic year on the academic and administrative sides, reviewing challenges and obstacles, working to solve and overcoming them, and the participation of schools in the events and activities accompanying the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
The meetings also reviewed various educational policies and administrative directives and their application to serve the educational process, especially with regard to the ethical charter, which aims to regulate the relationship between all parties to the educational process and urged them to adopt the positive ethical and behavioral policies and laws, stemming from the authenticity of Qatari society and the true Islamic religion.
It also dealt with the general framework of school activities and trips in private schools and kindergartens, which aims to enhance classroom and extracurricular activities in various educational, cultural and development fields and to enrich students' leisure time in a useful way.
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