The Ministry of Municipality represented by Al Rayyan Municipality in co-operation with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC) organised Tuesday an awareness lecture on safe homemade insecticides and insect repellent plants. At the event at Al Rayyan Theatre hall, Nawwaf Nasser al-Shafi, director of Public Affairs Department at Al Rayyan Municipality, explained that the objective is to enhance public awareness on making household insecticides in an easy and safe way, and urged people to keep insect repellent plants at home.

The workshop was presented by MoECC's environmental researcher Suzan Mohamed Essam. She spoke about how to get rid of insects without using chemical pesticides and insecticides and the safe ways to make insecticides at home from the generally available substances.
She classified the types of insecticides according to the targeted bugs and insects, as each type of insecticide is made in particular to fight a certain category of bugs or insects. Besides, the workshop introduced various types of insect and bug repellent plants that should be kept at home. The researcher stressed that most of these plants have strong or attractive scents that would be effective in repelling certain types of insects.
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