Symphony, an Indian multi-national company with presence in over 70 countries and the world’s largest manufacturer of evaporative air-coolers, has launched their new Siesta 70 XL powerful desert air cooler in Qatar, distributor Video Home & Electronic Centre said.
An evaporative air cooler works by introducing moisture into the air and lowering temperature, a statement said. The air cooler takes in dry air, moistens it with water vapour, and releases cooled air into the room. This form of cooling is cheaper and more energy-efficient than traditional refrigeration techniques.
Siesta 70 XL, suitable for rooms up to 34sqm, comes with a 70 litre water tank and stands on four castor wheels making it movable. The air cooler only consumes nearly the same amount of energy as a standard ceiling fan but provides greater cooling, covers a large area and makes less noise.
Siesta 70XL desert air cooler uses innovative honeycomb cooling pads, which provides a superior cooling effect due to the increased surface area for transfer of humidity into air. Honeycomb cooling pads are completely natural and cost-effective. The air is blown by a sturdy fan made of industrial grade highly durable plastic.
Symphony coolers come with i-Pure, a multistage filtration system that cleans a spectrum of airborne pollutants and harmful micro-organisms. The cool air passes through several filters before it is released into the room. Founded in 1988, in Gujarat, India, Symphony Limited has set high benchmarks comprising 108 trademarks, 49 registered designs, seven copyrights and eight patents, defining the gold standard of air cooling.
“At Symphony, research and development and engineering technology is a sustainable competitive advantage. The company delivers market-leading products with design innovation, improved energy conservation, distinctive styling and customer-centric design,” said C V Rappai, director and CEO of Video Home & Electronic Centre.
Siesta 70 XL desert cooler along with other Symphony air coolers of various capacities are available at all leading hypermarkets in Qatar and at all Jumbo Electronics retail outlets, the statement added.
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