Chad's Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration, International Co-operation and Chadians Abroad, Mahamat Zene Cherif, commended the great role of Qatar in mediating between the Chadian parties, which led to the signing of the Doha Peace Agreement and the participation of political and military movements in the comprehensive and sovereign national dialogue in Chad, describing Doha as the "peace capital" of the world.
In a statement on the sidelines of the signing of the agreement at the Doha Sheraton Hotel, Zene said that "Qatar harnessed all its capabilities to push peace track ahead, particularly with this agreement signed by more than 90% of the armed groups," attributing this progress to the Qatari diplomacy which successfully sponsored all previous Doha-held peace negotiations and deals.
"I want first of all to thank His Highness Amir of Qatar and people and Government of Qatar for hosting us for around five months and it was a very tough and difficult talks, but what is important is the result which we got at the end of this long process," said the Chadian minister, elaborating that this agreement will lead to sustainable peace in Chad and allow all these armed groups which signed the deal to take part to the national inclusive dialogue, which will be held on August 20.
"I think more than 1,000 persons representing different segments of the Chadian society will be gathered in Chad during this dialogue, and they will discuss about all the issues related to the future of Chad regarding the Constitution, the future election, the reform of the Army and everything. So I think that those who rejected signing the agreement just missed a very big and important historical opportunity to be part of this process," Zene said.