The activities of the Summer Festival 2022, organised by Al Rayyan Municipality in cooperation with the management of the Mall of Qatar, were concluded on Thursday.
The festival ran through July 28- August 4, and witnessed considerable popular participation throughout its duration, amounting to 7,000 visitors from different categories of residents, Qataris and tourists of all ages. Accordingly, 2,000 gifts were distributed among the participating kids, who took part at the various activities at the festival. Al Rayyan Municipality adopted the motto "Their faces shall remain smiling" for the festival and will continue to use it for its similar activities in the future.

The activities of the festival included visits to a number of shops, restaurants and food outlets inside the mall in addition to the restaurant of Al Rayyan Hotel, where the children were taught the basics of safety and security in the kitchen and got introduced to the mechanism of the inspection works of the municipality in such places.
In the meantime, some departments concerned at the Ministry of Municipality such as the Agriculture Affairs Department, which distributed around 300 boxes of dates to the participants and Mall visitors, in addition to a good number of different plant seedlings. The Waste Management and Recycling Department gave out 50 coupons to the participants at the featured contests and quizzes, and the Fisheries Department organised a number of activities and accompanied them into the fish sections to teach them how to select good fish and its various types.
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