Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) Group CEO Bassel Gamal has received the Asian Banker CEO Leadership Achievement for Qatar Award for the period from January 2019 to December 2021 in recognition of his exceptional leadership and dedication to the success of the bank.
Driven by his vision and mission to lead the bank to become the most customer-centric, efficient bank in Qatar, Gamal has contributed to cementing QIB’s leadership in Qatar despite challenging market conditions.
Since the beginning of his tenure with QIB, Gamal led a total overhaul of the performance management across the bank by encouraging creativity, innovation, teamwork, and talent mentoring, while building a pay for performance culture and reducing regretted turnover.
During the last three years, QIB has accelerated its bank-wide digital transformation programme, which has successfully translated into an increase of sales and revenue, and a reduction in cost, which helped in reaching the best cost-to-income ratio in the Mena region standing at 18.1% at the end of 2021.
The bank introduced a series of new digital products and services for all its customers’ segment with many of them introduced for the first time in Qatar.
It has also expanded its services to previously underserved/unbanked segments of the market, both in retail and corporate, which led QIB to be the first in Qatar to introduce a fully digital account for domestic workers and the first bank to achieve full digital automation in payroll services.
Furthermore, the bank ensured business continuity and supported the financial needs of vulnerable customers during the Covid-19 pandemic, keeping the health and safety of its customers and employees as its top priority.
QIB deferred financial instalments for the sectors most hit by the crisis and actively participated in the Covid-19 response programmes initiated by the government.
The bank also took a proactive response to the economic implications of the pandemic on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), immediately postponing financial instalments for SMEs and taking part in the Covid-19 National Response Guarantee Programme.
Additionally, QIB started leading in the transition to a more sustainable future by enabling sustainable growth while delivering an outstanding customer experience.
QIB released its first sustainability report in line with Qatar National Vision 2030 and the National Strategy for the Environment and Climate Change presenting the bank’s sustainability framework, which significantly contributes to Qatar’s sustainable development in the future.
Gamal said: “We are pleased to be recognised by the Asian Banker twice in a row for our efforts during the pandemic, which is the toughest challenge we faced, so far.
This recognition is a tribute to our dedication, teamwork, and commitment to delivering the best to our customers.”
He added: “The past three years have been extremely challenging and despite the unprecedented conditions that the global economy faced, we managed to navigate the crisis with our solid digital transformation strategy encouraging customers to use digital services for their banking needs, supported by our awareness campaigns, while ensuring business continuity.
“These awards are a testament to the hard work and dedication of all our employees, the continuous support of our board of directors, and our customers’ trust.”
The Asian Banker conducts a Leadership Achievement Awards programme once every three years that is focused on the performance of CEOs and boards in the financial services industry.
The award plays a significant role in cultivating a culture of excellence amongst executives in leadership positions.
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