The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) and Digital Poland Foundation (DPF) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to co-operate on supporting the digital sector in both the countries and speed up the development of new technologies. The MoU is the first agreement the QFC has made with a Polish organisation.
Within the parameters of the agreement, the two parties will collaborate to develop and execute initiatives, such as webinars, networking events, B2B meetings and other engagements, to stimulate activities in both countries’ digital ecosystems.
The DPF and QFC also commit to sharing relevant business opportunities in their markets, exchanging industry information, facilitating introductions of relevant organisations, and cross promoting their respective activities and events on social media and digital platforms.
"After the success of the 3rd Qatar-Poland New Tech Forum on May 30, 2022, co-organised by the embassy of Poland and Qatar-Poland Business Council (QPBC), with QFC as strategic partner, the signing of the MoU is yet another sign of the outstanding potential for cooperation between entities from Poland and Qatar in the new technologies sector," said Janusz Janke, the Polish envoy to Qatar.
This partnership was established at a time where the bilateral relationship between Qatar and Poland has been growing from strength to strength and the two countries share similar visions to promote their capabilities in the technology space.
Poland is the largest economy in Central and Eastern Europe with strong capabilities in ICT and business services industries, while Qatar aims to transform the nation into an advanced society capable of sustainable development through the Qatar National Vision 2030, with digital transformation being one of the priorities.
The mutual interest to grow similar capabilities and industries enables new paths for businesses from Qatar and Poland. In 2020, QPBC was established at QFC to further these opportunities.
Three editions of Qatar-Poland New Tech Forum have also been organised by the Embassy of Poland in Doha in partnership with QPBC, which aims to promote the Polish technology and communications sector to Qatar.
"This partnership also reinforces our commitment to bolster Qatar’s digital sector. With shared objectives for growth, I am confident that Digital Poland Foundation and QFC will have many successful initiatives ahead to upsurge learning, elevate skills, and advance innovation in both Poland and Qatar’s digital sector,” said Yousuf Mohamed al-Jaida, chief executive, QFC Authority.
This MoU advances the DPF and the QFC’s similar ambitions of promoting their respective countries to global markets and building a resilient and inclusive digital economy. Through this MoU, both parties are moving forward with their objectives by opening opportunities for synergetic activities that enhance the bilateral relationship between Qatar and Poland in the digital sector.
“Thanks to the agreement with the QFC, we can convince more dynamic startups and global corporations to come to Poland and facilitate local leaders' expansion into other markets like Qatar. It is also an opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge about the Polish and Qatari ecosystems of the new technology sector,” said Piotr Mieczkowski, managing director, DPF.
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