Qatar Charity (QC) celebrated the graduation of 26 medical staff at Naseem Al Rabeeh Centre for passing an advanced course in learning Arabic as part of its 'Lughati' programme, which teaches the language to non-native speakers residing in Qatar.
At a ceremony, the participants were handed graduation certificates, in addition to conducting tests to assess the competency they achieved in Arabic language through the course.
Friends Cultural Centre, a QC entity for community development, co-operated in this programme with Naseem Al Rabeeh. The 'Lughati' programme targets non-Arab medical personnel, including doctors, nurses, others, or administrative staff in various medical institutions to encourage them to use Arabic in their communication with patients as some find it challenging to deal with English in hospitals.
Hashem Isha, one of the beneficiaries of the course and an administrative official at Naseem Al Rabeeh, thanked QC for providing the opportunity to learn Arabic language, which in his opinion is important.
Maimouna Bibi said she learned to read and write Arabic, and now started learning to speak the language too, as it will allow her to deal with patients easier and better.
Sango Imsanu confirmed that she felt a great improvement in her Arabic language after the courses offered by QC and said she is now fluent in medical terminology in Arabic, which will delight clients on the one hand and make it easier for her to serve patients and communicate with them.
Sharaf Adwali, the Arabic language teacher in the 'Lughati' programme, thanked all the participating students and said: “I was pleased with the extent of commitment that I found among the participants in the courses, and I found that they had a great passion for learning the Arabic language. It is true they found it difficult at first, but over time I noticed a noticeable improvement in their learning of Arabic.”
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