Qatar Charity, in partnership with OCHA (UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs) and the Ministry of Health, distributed medicines and medical supplies to eight health centres and units in Yemen. It also paid incentives to more than 80 cadres of medical workers in these centres in Hajjah and Hodeidah governorates in Yemen, benefiting about 121,000 displaced people and members of the host community.
The distribution project in these areas comes within the framework of Qatar Charity’s interest in the health field and an affirmation of its role in supporting health facilities. It ensures the provision of health services in overcrowded population areas and the host community suffering from extreme poverty, given that these health centres are in the middle of these camps.
The project, implemented by Qatar Charity, with joint funding from OCHA, worth over $862,000, aims to provide life-saving and sustainable health services for all age groups, males and females, with attention to vulnerable groups, among the displaced and host communities. It also aims to alleviate the material burdens on families, patients and those in need in light of the prolonged crisis experienced by the Yemeni people.
The importance of the project lies in the fact that the targeted health centres in the two governorates continued to suffer from the lack of medicines and medical supplies and their inability to provide health services, and they are among the poorest and most needy governorates according to the standards of the need of the Ministry of Public Health and Population and its offices in Hajjah and Hodeidah governorates.
Several local officials praised the support provided by humanitarian organisations and the efforts of Qatar Charity, especially medical assistance.
Dr Mohamed Qasim Hassan, director of the Khalifa Health Centre in the Bura district, said: “The project is a breakthrough for patients. And motivating the medical cadres enhances the guarantee of better service with the provision of medicines, which are the most important demands of those health centres that mediate several camps for the displaced and the residents of the host villages.”
Dr Yahya Hassan Obaid Ghunaim, director of Al-Ghanamia Centre, praised Qatar Charity’s efforts and assistance, especially in the health field, and said that the incentive provided to medical staff and health facility workers came at the right time.
He pointed out that the project is a response to the urgent needs of health centres that lacked therapeutic medicines and basic health supplies, and that these medicines will contribute to increasing the demand for them after they were almost empty of patients attending them, due to the lack of capabilities and the lack of medicines.
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