Qatar Charity (QC) launched an urgent food aid convoy in Sudan to provide relief to the displaced because of the conflict in the Blue Nile State, which resulted in hundreds of dead and injured victims, as well as thousands of displaced people.
At the inauguration of the convoy at QC headquarters in Khartoum, Sudanese Minister of Social Development Ahmed Adam Bakheet expressed his appreciation for the efforts of Qatar and QC, and praised their support for voluntary return projects in Sudan and their recent relief intervention in the Blue Nile.
Describing the initiative as an example of the deep-rooted relations between the two brotherly peoples in Qatar and Sudan, Bakhit said: "We hope that our country will recover from these disasters and head together towards development and human well-being".
The Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid in Sudan, Najm al-Din Musa, praised the support of Qatar and said: "We thank Qatar Charity for its great effort by launching a convoy of urgent intervention to address the complex humanitarian situation in the state of Blue Nile."
He added that QC is a large and effective humanitarian partner that carries out huge and very large projects in most of Sudan's states.

The officer in charge at the Embassy of Qatar in Sudan, consul Rashid Al-Hamidi Almagareh, said that the relief intervention of QC for the displaced in the Blue Nile State comes as a continuation and extension of the efforts of Qatar and QC to support its brothers in Sudan through many Qatari institutions.
Engineer Hassan Odeh, director of the Sudan Office, noted that the urgent humanitarian intervention to provide relief to the displaced in the Blue Nile State as part of a project to help poor families is dictated by the humanitarian duty and in line with what QC has been doing since the beginning of its work in Sudan more than 27 years ago.
Odeh explained that the inauguration of the relief convoy for the affected is part of a project aimed at distributing 7,500 food baskets, or about 345 tonnes of food, in coordination with the relevant actors and authorities, led by the Humanitarian Aid Commission and the Ministry of Social Development, in addition, to Save the Children.
Odeh revealed that the first relief convoy in Blue Nile State will benefit 12,000 beneficiaries, as it will provide a total of 92 tonnes of aid, by way of individual baskets of 46kg each to 2,000 families affected by the recent events.
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