The National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA), represented by the National Cyber Excellence Department, in cooperation with the Center of Legal and Judicial Studies at the Ministry of Justice, concluded Wednesday a five-day workshop entitled "Legal Regulation of Cybersecurity," with the participation of a number of lawyers working in state ministries, bodies, and institutions.

In this context, Dalal Al Aqidi, head of the National Cyber Excellence Department of NCSA, said that the agency does not spare any effort in cooperating with institutions and ministries in the state, to exchange experiences and spread and strengthen the culture of cyber security and digital safety among all segments of society.

She explained that the workshop focused on several axes, the most important of which are the efforts exerted by the State of Qatar to strengthen cybersecurity, as well as cooperation with its counterparts around the world to create open and secure cyberspace, in addition to the legal emergence of cybersecurity in the state of Qatar, the establishment of NCSA, which is specialized in maintaining and regulating cybersecurity, and the role of the agency and its competencies aimed at promoting the vital interests of the state and protecting it in the face of cyberspace threats.

She added that the workshop focused on providing and developing the skills of participants in the field of cybersecurity and the risks posed by cyber-attacks that threaten countries, as well as the legal framework for cybercrime, its characteristics, images, and models of cybercrime.

For his part, Khalid Al Muftah, a cyber specialist from the National Cyber Excellence Department of NCSA, reviewed the role of the agency in the implementation of exercises and training for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and explained to the participants the role of the National Agency in the tournament insurance plan, and its security and precautionary measures before sports events.

In this regard, Director of the Centre for Legal and Judicial Studies at the Ministry of Justice Nada Jassim Al Abduljabbar said that the center, in view of the great attention paid by the state to cybersecurity, was keen to host experts from the National Cybersecurity Agency to train participants in courses consistent with the center's role in training all legal categories and developing their skills in all areas of law, especially vital and new ones.

The idea of the training program for the prevention of cybercrime was launched after testing 95 entities working in several sectors in the country, to know their abilities and skills in the cyber field and to make sure how much they can protect themselves from cyber-attacks. (QNA)