Qatar Charity (QC) has handed over several wheelchairs to the Shafallah Centre for Persons with Disabilities to facilitate their movement and mobility.
The provision of wheelchairs by QC to the centre comes within the framework of its social responsibilities and its desire to support the integration of this community segment into public life and to spread societal awareness of its rights.

Farid Khalil al-Siddiqi, head of the Local Projects Department in the Department of Programmes and Community Development at QC, handed over wheelchairs to Dr Mohamed Talfat, director of the Remedial Services Department at Shafallah Centre, which provides a variety of services for people with disabilities.
In a press statement, al-Siddiqi said: “Providing wheelchairs to the Shafallah Centre is part of the community efforts undertaken by Qatar Charity in cooperation with various youth organisations and initiatives and individuals serving the local community, noting that Qatar Charity had previously provided the Shafallah Centre.
“Disability with wheelchairs before this time and wheelchairs were provided to several other agencies, including Qatar Association for the Disabled, Ihsan Centre for Elderly Care, and others.”
He added that QC seeks to provide wheelchairs to serve these groups with the support of philanthropists in Qatar who can donate their value through the website, electronic application, and collection points to contribute to facilitating their movement, noting that Qatar organises charity visits to these segments and implements programmes and events.
For his part, Talfat expressed his appreciation for the donation made by QC in favour of people with disabilities in Shafallah, praising its role and efforts in providing support and assistance to them. Providing services to this category that has rights over all members of society.
He pointed out that QC has previously supported the centre with several chairs. "We have expanded the co-operation and look forward to providing more services to this segment and the continued cooperation between us."
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