A musical is set to be presented from August 2 at Katara Drama Theatre, over five consecutive days, with two concerts per day, local Arabic daily Arrayah reported.
There will be two shows daily, at 6pm and 8pm.
The cast comprise Abdullah Mubarak, Khaled al-Hamidi, Faisal al-Balushi, Amna al-Khoury, Al-Anoud al-Khoury, Ahmed Mia, Mubarak Mishaal al-Jassem, Abdullah Boukarbel, and Abdul Rahman al-Hababi.
The musical is written by Ibrahim Lari, Sheikha al-Ziyarah, Iman al-Marri, Abdul Rahman al-Mansouri and Maryam al-Maliki, and directed by Lari, reviewed by Anrika, and produced by Al-Amq Company for Artistic Production.
Abdullah Mubarak explained that the play, which is aimed at families, revolves around the character of Rahal (Arabic for traveller), a musician who decides to travel the world to explore cities and villages and get to know their societies.
Rahal arrives at a village characterised by its distinctive beauty and architecture, but the reality is different.
The villagers live in luxury, but harbour ill will towards each other, and they soon realise a group of mice has destroyed their village, which did not have a sound foundation from the beginning.
The symbolism depicts the fragility and disintegration of the society in the face of difficulties.
The play is divided into five main parts, which are represented in the journey of discovery by Rahal.
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