Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), a Qatar Foundation (QF) member, has opened the registration for participation in the second edition of the little employee programme, which enables children to explore their professional interests enjoyably and attractively.
In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), QCDC Director Abdulla al-Mansoori clarified that such an edition of the programme intends to offer opportunities to the students to further get familiarised with real practical life by helping one of the parents or relatives in their workplace on any working day they choose during August 8-11.
It also offers the opportunity to parents in communicating with their children and talk with them about their current and future educational track, including their career goals, which primarily contributes to enabling them to make further informed decisions to ensure their success in career life.
He indicated that the programme also allows participation from any country via social media platform or register through the center's electronic website, and subsequently, the child and his guardian receive a copy of the manual and a booklet that the child utilises to document the skills they learned, including the tasks he performed, adding that before the launch of the programme, a brief session will be held with the participating children and guardians via videoconference on July 31, to introduce the program and brief them of the guidance manual, in addition to the tips recommended by the center's team to make the children aware of the responsibilities undertaken by their parents on daily basis to determine their personal goals to be further applied in the future.
Al-Mansoori added that interaction with the children's guardians during the working day offers the children a myriad of life skills acquired through observation-based learning, as the children will receive practical advice and tips from their guardians about the nature of their career and be aware of their practical procedures in an interesting environment.
He emphasised that the guardians will undertake a vital role by offering the children a conducive environment to complete their training and further acquire the essential organisational skills, pointing out that QCDC has made partnerships with entities inside and outside Qatar to further urge its employees to afford the participating children the premium activities as a practical model for the remaining institutions.
The senior career development specialist, and manager of the briefing session at QCDC said that the briefing session will spotlight the significance of career guidance for children at an early age, and roll out practical thoughts for the parents in enabling them to determine the milestones of career future for their children, The session will likewise offer the opportunity to the participants to be well-versed in the future professions that would essentially contribute to developing the communities and review the most prominent global practices that concern the parents and the educational institutions.
She added that the session would host a broad range of professional experts accredited to LinkedIn to discuss the importance of initiating the development of children's career skills and taking practical steps, in addition to offering practical advice to the guardians.
The little employee programme reflects the interest of QCDC in the role undertaken by the parents and community to form the children's career identity, in addition to its compatibility with the centre's mission devoted to enhancing the field's practical skills.
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