Qatar National Library (QNL) continues its summer season with an impressive number of events and activities designed for children, teenagers and adults, focusing on a variety of topics around skills development, culture, health awareness, Arts and literature.
The library launches the third edition of the summer camp for young people in the period July 23 to August 11, which includes eight sessions that help young people explore their interests.
From August 2 to 27, the library will host a number of programmes and workshops as part of a special research series that includes seven sessions on academic writing skills and presentations, writing literary reviews and reviewing doctoral studies, conducting research analysis using quantitative and qualitative tools, enhancing research visibility as well as the skills necessary to write an effective theoretical discussion in research papers.
As part of its support for World Breastfeeding Week, the library is collaborating with Sidra Medicine to organise an awareness event on breastfeeding on August 4, as well as educational sessions by interviewing nutrition, physiotherapy and mental health specialists from Sidra Medicine.
On August 16, the library will host the Senior Information Specialist at Lusail University Zakaria Al-Hakkar to talk about the relationship between the library, society and sports and the importance of sports libraries.
The lecture will discuss the role of international and local sports libraries such as the Singapore Sports Library, the Qatar Olympic Academy's Library, and the Olympic and Sports Museum's Library, as well as the opportunity provided by the World Cup to participate in community programs that call to sports.
On August 20, the library will host a "musical poetry evening", and while listening to Dr Mahrous Borayek and Dr Omar Hazzaa recite their Arabic poems, the artist Riyad Bouallam will play music to the tunes of the oud.
Children and young people between the ages of 7 and 14 will have the opportunity to go on a journey of tales, as the library collaborates with the year of culture (Qatar-Middle East, North Africa and South Asia 2022) for children to enjoy half an hour of interesting Qatari stories and tales, on August 8, 15, 22 and 29.
The library will conclude its summer activities and events on August 25 with a demonstration workshop on assistive technology presented in co-operation with Mada Assistive Technology Centre.
The workshop aims to support and improve the skills of students, parents and teachers in using the assistive technology available in the library and Mada center and to explore technologies that enhance independent reading and daily life skills for people with disabilities and special needs.
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