The Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has completed its annual Adahi campaign for the year 1443 AH, benefiting thousands of families in various regions.
Under the theme 'Give Qurbani to Sustain Good', the meat of sacrificial animals was distributed to a total of 190,518 beneficiaries in Qatar and 19 Asian, African, and European countries during Eid al-Adha.
In Qatar, sacrificial meat was distributed at the Widam slaughterhouses in Umm Salal and Al-Wakra.

A team of 28 volunteers was stationed to receive the beneficiaries registered with the QRCS’s humanitarian assistance programmes.
They helped to organise the handover of the meat of sacrificial animals, slaughtered according to the highest Sharia and health standards.
A total of 547 sacrificial animals were distributed to 792 families.
Internationally, the QRCS partnered with Islamic Relief Worldwide, under a bilateral co-operation agreement, to execute Adahi projects.
The QRCS’s foreign representation offices/missions also co-ordinated with the host National Societies in some countries.
The distributions were as follows:
1. Food rations from 740 cows were distributed to 20,892 families, or 104,460 people, in Bangladesh, Mali, Afghanistan, Malawi, Kosovo, Sri Lanka, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, and Sudan.
2. Food rations from 627 head of sheep were distributed to 4,354 families, or 21,770 people, in Ethiopia, Iraq, and Jordan, as well as Syrian refugees in Turkey.
3. Food rations from 1,653 goats were distributed to 5,424 families, or 27,120 people, in Yemen and Kenya.
4. Food rations from 1,189 goats and sheep were distributed to 6,642 families, or 33,208 people, in Somalia.
QRCS secretary-general Ali bin Hassan al-Hammadi praised the wide response from clients to contribute to the Adahi Campaign 2022, as evident in the fact that the number of beneficiaries was 35% higher than the target — 3,960 beneficiaries in Qatar and 186,558 beyond.
The total cost, which was QR3,866,780, covered the purchase, slaughter, and distribution of the meat from a total of 4,209 sacrificial cows, goats, and sheep.
Over the Adahi programme’s five years, the QRCS successfully attracted many clients in Qatar and distributed fresh and canned meat to beneficiaries at the religiously specified time, while complying with the highest health requirements and international humanitarian standards.
In 2018-2021, the overall value of Adahi amounted to QR22,896,900, with a total of 396,500 beneficiaries in 31 countries (Qatar, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Chad, Malawi, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Somalia, Syria, Palestine, Bangladesh, South Africa, Mali, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, South Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, Kenya, The Gambia, Central African Republic (CAR), Zanzibar, and Iraq).
Many partners support the implementation of the project.
In Qatar, Widam is the company responsible for providing, slaughtering, and packaging the Adahi sacrifices, up to the highest applicable standards.
Internationally, there is close co-ordination among the QRCS’s foreign missions and the host national societies.
Other humanitarian organisations are also engaged, including Islamic Relief and Munazzamat Al-Da’wa Al-Islamiiyya.
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